Duct Silencers

ASL manufactures a wide range of duct silencers with casings in accordance with HVCA specification DW/144.

ASL ductwork silencers are fabricated from pre-galvanised mild steel sheet and are also available in stainless steel, aluminium, polypropylene and GRP.

ASL Supply duct silencers to a number of Acoustic Companies and many of our silencers have ended up in such prestigious places as NEC - Birminghan, Honda – Swindon, etc. We are able to aid our customers with non standard design, like the curved elbow silencer on the following page.


Rectangular Duct Silencers


Rectangular duct silencers are fitted with side linings to prevent noise flanking. The acoustic infill material is retained by a pre-galvanised perforated inner skin with radiused nose fairings giving a ‘bell mouth’ entry to all airways, A variety of different flanges can be fitted to the silencers, ie folded angles, RSA, Mez, Doby or Ductmate.

Circular Duct Silencers


Circular duct silencers have walls lined with acoustic infill material which is retained by a pre-galvanised perforated inner skin. To increase the attenuation a centre pod is fitted. Circular duct Silencers will either come with spigot ends or have tapped end rings to suit customer’s requirements.

Elbow Duct Silencers


Elbow duct silencers are of the same construction as the rectangular elbow silencers. The benefit of elbow duct silencers is that they can be used where there is limited duct length available. They are designed so that air is aerodynamically channelled round the bends, thus reducing pressure drop loss.

Other Duct Silencers


ASL also manufacture cross-talk silencers, special design and heavy duty industrial silencers to meet particular specifications or requirements.